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The program on trading and profit and loss management provides an easy-to-implement set of rules and tools that will enable any trader on any asset class to consistently improve their trading performance as well as measure the performance through the proprietary tool Kalimera. Kalimera will make them more rigorous, focused and competitive and will help them thrive.


1. Setup and Losses Management

● How to devise a business plan

● Worst case: absolute drawdown and maximum losses per period

● Design the right trading plan around your strategy

● The importance of position sizing: constancy and size adjustment

● Initial stop loss management: the three functions of a stop loss

● The relevance of an independent risk manager


2. Profits Management

● Set up of profit targets

● Dynamic stop loss and profit taking management

● How to secure your upside


3. Entry points

● Valuation and Market drivers

● Maximization of probability of success: the main rules of entry points

● Technical analysis: idea behind the main indicators, how to use them


4. Error analysis and performance measurement tool “Kalimera”

 How well executed is your trading plan?

 Mistakes identification

 Kalimera metrics explained and illustrated


5. Psychological Aspects

● The importance of knowing yourself

● Main aspects of human behaviour affecting investments


Frederic Jousten

F. Jousten runs his proprietary trading activity and teaches trading and finance at Finance academy FEBF in Valencia, Spain, in addition to advising funds and utilities on investments. He previously served, amongst others, as head of trading at Axpo Iberia Trading, as director of commodities at Citigroup in London and as member of the investment committee at Rascasse Investments. He also worked at E.On Energy Trading (now Uniper).

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