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Sinopsis This Glossary traies to express and explain the active use of economic terms. It has not the sightest claim to be a definitive authority: it is simply a record of common modern usage, and makes no value-judgements. Buensss terms can be complicated. This guide offers more than 2.000 economic terms. These terms are parto f the common finance language. The mastery of these terms Will take you a long way down the road to economic understanding. This Glossary can bring you closer to discovering economics. This Glossary Will fill both uour personal and business foreign language consultation needs for commonly used financial terms. While complying with its primary mission and objectives, the Foundation of Financial and Exchanges Studies expects this publication suppose a great tool for all spanish companies currently engaged in international business practices. Most of the enclosed terms are indeed already commonly used and have become parto f our daily financial vocabulary.  
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